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 Privacy Statement 

Thank you for visiting us at Winsell Promotions. You are valued to us as a customer, and we are glad you visited our website and this Privacy Policy statement page. We look forward to doing long-term business with you. Guarding your private information is important to us. We will do all that is possible to safeguard your confidential information. This Privacy Policy statement explains how we collect your private information, what we do with the collected private information, and how we protect the personal information we collect. Please read the Privacy Policy statement to fully understand how we will gather and safeguard your confidential information. Please use the Contact Us option at the bottom of this page if you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy statement. 

How We Collect Information About You

 Winsell Promotions collects information about you when visiting us on this website. We collect information about you to process your requests and to fulfill your order. Collecting this information makes it possible to process and fulfill your product orders accurately and timely. We collect this information to fulfill your product order with us accurately. The ways we collect private information include, but are not limited to, phone-in orders when using the website chat when sending us an email, when registering for an account on our site, and when using your credit card or other payment information to purchase our products and services. This information is needed to fulfill your order with us accurately. Typically, the information we need includes your name, email address, postal address, phone number, and information about the service and products you are requesting or ordering. This information is used to provide our services to you properly. We also collect your IP (Internet Protocol) address for logging and debugging purposes. 

How We Will Use Collected Information 

Winsell Promotions collects private information from you to provide you with a quality service experience. We will need this confidential information about you to process your order correctly. Your private information is collected solely to ensure the accurate and efficient processing of your product order. Winsell Promotions will not in any way sell, exchange, or reveal the private information we have collected about you to a third-party dealer. Winsell Promotions also guarantees that your confidential information will be kept safe and secure. Since Winsell Promotions indirectly collects your credit card information through a third-party credit card processing company, we do not see, transmit, or store your credit card data. The IP address collected when you visit our website is used for debugging and logging purposes, and the information is used to direct Internet information to you.

Information Collected From Cookies 

Winsell Promotions collects information about you by using “cookies.” Cookies are computer files used as anonymous identifiers. Cookies are sent to your computer browser from our website when you log onto the Winsell Promotions website and are stored on your computer’s hard drive. We use these cookie connections to gather information and improve our service to you. You have the option to accept or refuse cookies from our website. If you choose to decline cookies from our website, you may not have full access to the services our website has to offer. You also have the option of clearing off of your computer the cookies sent from our site. 

Security and Service

 We are honored by your sharing of personal information with us. We will celebrate this trust by doing all that is possible to protect your personal information and keep it secure. No method of information transmission over the Internet, however, is fully secure.

For this reason, we cannot guarantee complete and absolute security or your private information. Winsell Promotions does ensure that we will do all that is possible to maintain a safe and secure medium of storing your private information. We also guarantee that we will not share or sell your confidential information to a third-party consumer. You have the right to obtain a copy of the private information that Winsell Promotions holds about you. To obtain a copy of your private information data, we require two forms of valid identification, such as a current driver’s license, a current passport, or a Social Security (SSAN) card. Requests for a copy of private information can be made using the Contact Us option at the end of this Privacy Policy statement. You also have the opportunity to request your confidential information deleted from our website. Questions about your private information, the Winsell Promotions Privacy Policy statement, our services, our products, or any other part of Winsell Promotions can be directed to us by using the Contact Us option at the bottom of this page. Please send us a detailed message concerning your questions or concerns. When appropriate, please use the attachment option to include pictures, scans, or screenshots along with your message. Suppose at any time you no longer wish to receive our mailings, including our newsletter and promotional announcements. In that case, you can unsubscribe by using the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails. You may also request to unsubscribe or opt-out from all or part of our services by calling, emailing, or emailing us using the Contact Us option at the bottom of this page. Thank you for reading this Winsell Promotions Privacy Policy statement. Our Privacy Policy may be changed occasionally to update information about the services provided to you by us. You are encouraged to review our Privacy Policy periodically to be aware of any changes to the Privacy Policy statement. We will notify your changes to the Privacy Policy if you are receiving our newsletter. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be effective immediately upon being posted on this page. 

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